Action Figure of the Month Club
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Twelve Warriors (one month at a time)
Product Line
Product Line Action Figure of the Month Club
Company Toy Pizza
Species Human
Origin Earth
Main Character(s) Desert Rat, Device Ninja, Cyber Mama
Faction(s) Knights of the Slice, The Old Heroes
Also see Knights of the Slice, Knights of the Synth, Crae the Jagged Age


Action Figure of the Month Club was a Kickstarter which was offered through November 22, 2018 to join for 2019. A second year is currently open for enrollment starting in September 2019.


Do you remember the thrill of clipping proof-of-purchases from the back of a cereal box and mailing it in to await a very special action figure that would arrive in the mail? Maybe you got Han Solo in Stormtrooper Outfit or Kenner's clear Ambush Predator? Or even Sgt. Slaughter from G.I. Joe?

I want to recreate this joy for you twelve times a year!

Action Figure collecting has become so dull & boring! Retailers are shuttering and all the surprises in the industry are broadcasted months ahead of time at trade shows or on social media. There is no sense of surprise in figure-buying anymore. This club changes all of that.

How it works

There are three components to this campaign.[1]

  1. Existing Figures - As highlighted on the main page, we already make Classic Knights, Vector Jumps, Rift Killers, Rex Ganons, and Old Knights. Some of the club's months will feature some of these styles, but in new, unique colors.
  2. New figures we unlock + bonuses - Now that we've gotten the Desert Rat unlocked, he is guaranteed to be at least one of the monthly styles in 2019. Since we got his extra head unlocked, that will be included with him as a free gift. I estimate he will ship Q1-Q2 2019.
  3. Backerkit / Store unlocks - These are new styles that open up that you can add to your cart after the campaign ends. These are not included in the tier pricing and are for people who want to add more "Army Builders" to their order. These may or may not ship separately from your monthly mailing.

Toy Pizza Releases

Kickstarter Funded Figures

Desert Rat

Rift Killer

Device Ninja

Cyber Mama

Old Knight

Knights of the Slice



Kickstarter failed to reach funding for these revealed figures, but may eventually find another way to market.

Club Release Schedule

AFOTM 2019

Backer Kit 2019


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