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Alec DeLuka
Pangea Island Guerilla
Vital statistics
Name Alec DeLuka
Species Human
Origin Earth


Also known as Mandro DeLuka[1]
A Frankenslice-style figure, hand built by Jesse DeStasio with new cloth piece. Currently resides on Pangea Island in the service of CroMega. His twin sister is Forrest.


Pangea Island Guerilla

"Alec DeLuka, twin brother of Forrest DeLuka, used his inherited fortune to relocate to Pangea Island. There he lived amongst the native tribes of intelligent bipedal dinosaurs and mounted a defense force to attack any poachers or businessmen who sought to exploit the land's resources.

While young and fool-hardy, he has an uncompromising ethics for protecting his adoptive island. His face is smeared with saffo-berries, a powerful narcotic that allows him heightened sight, aiming, and night vision. It also prevents bug bites."

Includes new cloth-goods shirt and black carbine. Shirt design by @moxiemonocle

Production PVC Cyber Mama - Pangea Island Guerilla. CyMa Yellow, Forest, and Olive blanks body parts with a New Accessory Set head and Hyper Knight gun. 3 3/4" tall. Glyos compatible. 10 total parts. Released on March 17, 2020. $21 each.