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A visitor from the future
Vital statistics
Name Alektrydon
Species Robot
Origin Unknown


Two new Glyos compatible Vinyl figures from Galaxxor launch in January of 2024 with Alektrydon and Xenotron. Alektrydon's dual heads are inspired by French Electronica band Daft Punk.[1]


As the technicians of the ancient Xyldrani Empire, it was the android race known as The Alektrydons who were primarily responsible for the technological innovation that fueled its expansion.[2]


Mold Master Alektrydon[]

Pre-Production Vinyl Mold Master Alektrydon. Extremely limited pair of Alektrydon and Xenotron pre-steel-mold vinyl prototype. 5 sets only. Offered privately mid-January 2024. $300 each pair.

Test Shot Alektrydon[]

"Here’s your chance to get your hands on some of the very first pulls from the new molds for my Alektrydon and Xenotron figures! This is a made to order pre-order for limited edition test shots. The number ordered is all that will be produced. Estimated delivery will be the second half of March, but they could be a bit later than that. What you get- both figures pictured, produced in Pantone 320, aka Scarabite Teal. Each figure will be hand numbered on the bottom of the foot. Preorder runs from 01.26 until 11:59pm Pacific on 02.02."

Pre-Production Vinyl Alektrydon Test Shot. Offered for pre-order from January 26th to February 2nd, 2024. $150 each pair (Alektrydon Test Shot and Xenotron Test Shot).

Alektrydon Promytheon[]

Production Vinyl Alektrydon Promytheon. 6.5” Glyos-compatible vinyl figure. Comes in bag and header packaging. Released on May 31st, 2024. $65 each.