Alien Integer
BJ VJ deluxe 3
Raw Knight
Vital statistics
Name Alien Integer
Species Alien
Origin Earth


"After cozying up to the KOTS, Bumble and Brick develop a friendship. Brick helps develop Bumble's Vector Jump armor and as a hidden surprise, he programs him with an integer mode, allowing him to project his consciousness into the internet. The blue hydro armor allows for cooling of the intense heat caused by the computing power needed to go integer (hey sounds like it does have a use after all!)"


Bumble Jett Vector Jump Bundle

Production Knight. PVC Armor. Bumble Jett Upgrade + Hot Pink Limb Pack + Hydro Blue Armor Bundle. Released on July 23rd, 2018. $25.99 each. This limited edition bundle for Bumble Jett allows to build the secret hidden Raw Knight: Alien Integer!

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