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Alpha 11
The Man from Mars
Vital statistics
Name Alpha 11
Species Martian
Origin Mars


Far below the surface of the dying planet Mars, the descendants of a once great race live on. Above them the majestic cities have long since crumbled and the vast canals lie buried beneath a silent sea of rust red sand. With time and water running out, Alpha 7 and the other members of the Martian armada travel the Galaxy in search of a suitable planet to make their own. Their frequent reconnaissance missions and landings on our Earth have given rise to what most Earthmen consider "wild stories" of "flying saucers" and "little green men".


Cosmic Creators Edition Birnkrant Edition

Production PVC Alpha 11 - The Man from Mars. Black with Translucent Orange accessories. Glyos-compatible. Accessories: Two-piece helmet, ray gun, jetpack, spare arms. First released on July 19th, 2013. Carded figure. Limited Edition. Sold as a set with Blue Angel Commander Comet, Fire and Ice Electron+, and Red Devil Mystron. $80 each 4 figure set.