Pangea Island Warrior
Vital statistics
Name Ameriko
Species Human
Origin Earth


First offered with a Limited Edition set containing only the Gas Mask head. The LE set translates from German as "Machine Dinosaur Power" as an homage to the '80s toy line Dino-Riders.[1]


Maschine Saurier Macht

"Pangea Island© is a small piece of land stuck in a permanent vector-flux, allowing long extinct creature to live alongside futuristic technology. The KOTS have a vested interest in protecting the land and keeping the rich resources of Pangea unexploited (or does their parent company have other ideas?)."


Mechanicoid Maschine Saurier Macht Set

"One of the greatest Glyos customizers of all-time, Mechanicoid, has put together 10 custom builds featuring Roboforce parts, a repurposed dinosaur toy, and a sneak peek at a forthcoming Desert Rat variant. Set includes: Custom Glyos Saddle Rig (Robo Force), Desert Rat figure (new style, gas mask head only), Dinosaur toy."

Production PVC Desert Rat - Mechanicoid Maschine Saurier Macht Set Guest Artist Project. 3 3/4" tall with 10 points of articulation. Orange with brown/skintone paint applications. 1 head. 13 total parts + RF Saddle Kit + Dino toy. Glyos compatible. Limited edition of 10. Released on February 27th, 2019. $75 each.


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