Glyos Wiki
Vital statistics
Name Argenesis
Species Argen/Villser Virus Mutation
Origin Unknown


A Villser Virus mutation of the original Argen. Argenesis actively avoids Buildman components when it makes an appearance and has come into conflict with its original source program.



Argenesis Mutation

"It's curious that Argenesis only seems to manifest through accessory upgrade configurations at this stage, almost as if the entity is specifically avoiding any original Buildman components..."

"Does the true essence of Argen exist within the body, or the core program of his being? Maybe both?

The Phase Sentinels serve as extensions of the Argenesis entity, though not simply as mindless drones, but as gradually individuating sentient vessels, created to share separately acquired knowledge and experiences directly with Argenesis itself."

"Yes, the Sentinels could potentially evolve beyond Argenesis and rebel, but Argenesis would welcome this.

If Argenesis is still comparatively the most evolved entity within its loop, it has the power to transfer into a Sentinel and take control. However, it may be possible for a Sentinel to evolve to a point of being able to close the pathways to Argenesis, but since Argenesis is always receiving the collective data of the Sentinels, the chances of Argenesis being overpowered are nearly impossible.



Henshin III

Wave 62

Hyper Henshin Argenesis

Special Edition build includes 2 Axis Joint Sets, 2 Swing Joint Sets, 1 Hub Set, 1 Phase Arm Set plus a 5-piece Glyarmor set (does NOT include heads or limbs). 73 total parts. $22 each.

Also includes 2 bonus mystery parts (Argen head and Traveler Scarf) for use in a secret alternate build: Hyper Henshin Argenesis. Comes assembled in Pathfinder quadruped form.


Wave 69

Argenesis Xycoss

Special Edition build includes 2 Axis Joint Sets, 2 Swing Joint Sets, 1 Hub Set, 1 Phase Arm Set, 2 scarves, 1 extra Argenesis head and a full Glyarmor set (including both Glyarmor heads and all limbs). Comes assembled in Argenesis form with Code Crusher and Viral Cannon arm attachments. 88 total parts. $24

Sincro Synthesis

Wave 90

Mechavorian Argenesis Black Core

Special Edition crossover with Toyfinity. Special build includes Robo Force parts, new Vortrooper head and mini backpack. 30 Total Parts. $18