Neo Beasts
Vital statistics
Name Armorvor
Species Armorvor
Origin Volkria

As of September 2019, the trio of Kugarrec/Neo Wyverillian/Arthrodak replaces the Neo Granthan head offered as a secondary head with Armorvor figures. The original unmasked Wolf head was last used in September 2014 (Wave 39).

In December 2019 (Wave 85) a new Venjorun unmasked Wolf head was introduced. It uses the original unmasked Wolf head with an additional cybernetic eye patch piece covering the right eye. The fur and right eye are unpainted beneath the glued on eye patch. Starting in May 2020 (Wave 87), Gorellux was introduced continuing the sculpting work of Jason Frailey.

Character History

See: Armorvor Character History


Long Ago


Early days

"It was really fun teaming up with Ralph again for this odd little tale. We wanted to explore a little more of Volkria, back before things got... "complicated". Ralph brought everything together with his rhythmic pacing, and was very patient in dealing with my nitpicking ways."[1]

Record of the Delphi


Armorvors profile

When they first came to Volkria, the Delphi were fascinated by the planet's native species. Deep in the woods, they encountered a trio of wolf-like beings displaying signs of evolved thinking. Each was a member of a different species: the smart, quick-witted Halosars; the Verexxa, capable of hypnotizing other animals by singing; and the powerful warrior Armorvors, who defended the other two. When the three were unexpectedly ambushed by a predator, the Delphi made the decision to intervene and save the wolf creatures by killing their attacker. The Delphi adopted the three wolf species as their own children - referring to them as "Volkria," the Delphi word for children - and shared Black Core technology with them to speed their evolution. But once a civilization had been built on the planet, the Armorvors used the Black Core tech to rebel against the Delphi, killing one of their number. While the Delphi were willing to forgive the Armorvors for this, the Delphis' masters were not and ordered the Delphi to wage war against their adopted children. The Armorvors were outmatched and their numbers eventually reduced to a small group led by the Halosar-Armorvor crossbreed Venjorun; instead of killing these last members of the species, however, the Delphi secretly defied their masters and banished the Armorvors into the Zorennor Rift. The record ends with one final warning: "Beware the Armorvor. For when Zorennor bleeds again, so too shall all of Glyos..."

Record of the Delphi

Wave 22

Venjorun Armorvor

The first of the production Armorvors appeared as a surprise during the July drop. Despite this, the entire stock sold out within 40 minutes or so. Due to there being no order limit back then, many collectors ordered several Venjoruns, resulting in after market re-sale values rising quickly. It was and still is one of the most desirable Armorvors to many collectors. It became apparent that a 'red eye' variant had been slipped into the production line! Only a handful of lucky collectors own one of these and the (deliberate) variation was confirmed by a post over at Onell.

Red/Grey/Black/Light blue/White wolf head, blue eyes

Hades Force

Wave 23

Hades Mimic Armorvor

September 2012 saw a double Armorvor drop - Hades Mimic and Stealth, each selling out rapidly. Like the Venjorun before it, Hades was and still is one of the most desired Armorvors for a collector. It has to be something to do with the intimidating look of the all black armor, especially when the helmet is in place.

Black/Mint green/Mint green wolf head, white eyes

Stealth Armorvor

As mentioned above, the Stealth Armorvor was released with the Hades Mimic, each selling out quickly. The Stealth figure, which was and still is the no.1 choice for customizers, would later see further 'Mk.' releases, all of which being ice clear. Only the most hardcore of completists strive to have each Stealth MK in their collection.

Armorvors Attack

Wave 24

Neo Nebula Armorvor

Released alongside Verexxan and Spectre. Note that the eyes are white, with lime green center, rather than solid lime green.

Light purple/Dark purple/Black/Lime green/Grey wolf head, lime green eyes

Verexxan Armorvor

The October 2012 drop saw 3 Armorvors drop at once - Verexxan, Neo Nebula and Spectre. Things had changed by this time and there was a 1 per customer order limit on each Armorvor, in order to ensure most collectors got a figure. Needless to say, they still all sold out quickly

Light grey/Dark grey/Black/Red/Yellow wolf head, red eyes

Spectre Armorvor

Released alongside Verexxan and Neo Nebula. Everybody loves a GitD figure and this one certainly has a strong glow to it! The wolf head from the Hades Mimic also looks perfect on this Spectre body.

GitD/Mint green/GitD wolf head, GitD eyes

The Council Of Travelers

Wave 25

Stealth Armorvor Mk. II

Clear Colorless/no paint. $8

Aurustell Elite Armorvor

The Aurustell Elite Armorvor was the first of the production Armorvors to have a pearlescent/metallic finish to the armor. You have to see the gold in hand to realize just how awesome it really is! It also had a wolf head that seemed far more 'glossy' than any other wolf head that came before it. What a way to end the year!

Gold (pearlescent/metallic)/Black/Red/Black wolf head, red eyes

Operation: Sonesidar

Wave 26

Sonesidar Mimic Armorvor

Matt over at Onell design describes the color of this Armorvor as 'yellorange', a perfect mix of yellow and orange that again, is best seen in hand to appreciate. By chance I noticed that the wolf head on the Sonesidar has a neck paint app color (grey) that is unrelated to the other colors on the figure. No other Armorvor has this, so I decided to go straight to the source and ask Matt if he could shed some light on the matter. His responses was,

"The Sonesidar Armorvor wolf head does indeed have something slightly odd happening with the neck paint. Originally, our factory mistakenly painted all the necks brown, matching the technical details to the furry head! I asked that the paint be corrected, and matched to the yellorange PVC. Well, the match was not quite right, arriving as a full shipment before I got a proper look, due to a hiccup in communication. When I saw the final product, it seemed like something that would be a neat oddity in the long run, so they were released into the wild!" -Matt Doughty

'Yellorange'/White/Green/*Grey/Brown wolf head, green eyes

The Reydurran Divide

Wave 27

Reydurran Mimic Armorvor

The Reydurran Armorvor was almost identical to the Hades Mimic from the previous year's release, with the exception of the red details replacing the mint green ones and, of course, a different wolf head color. For those unable to get a Hades Mimic, either from the original drop or on the aftermarket, this meant that collectors could still own an awesome full black armored figure for $8.

Black/Red/Light grey wolf head, white eyes

Infection Armorvor

C2E2 2013 Exclusive Release

The Infection Armorvor was announced as an exclusive, small release ready for the C2E2 convention of 2013. The translucent 'infection' red is a signature color of Marty 'TheGodBeast' Hansen and once again this exclusive figure did not disappoint! It even came bagged with a fantastic header art card - expect nothing less from TGB. Hold this figure up to the sun and it looks like it's on fire in your hand!

Translucent Infection red

Buildstation: Stealth

Wave 28

Engineer Mimic Armorvor

The Engineer Mimic could also have been referred to, by some, as a Reverse Venjorun due to its colors. In fact, it turned out that the red on this Engineer Mimic Armorvor was the "wrong color" as the intention was to make it match the Venjorun red. If you own these two Armorvors then you can do your own comparison.

Light grey/Red/Black/Red wolf head, white eyes

Stealth Armorvor Mk. III

Enigma Source

Wave 30

Neo Gatekeeper Reverse Mimic Armorvor

Apart from having the longest Armorvor name to date, this figure almost looks like it's glowing due to how vivid the magenta armor is.

Magenta/Purple/Black/Purple wolf head, white eyes

Revenge of the Armorvors

Wave 31


The Sidervor, alongside the Ivorinium and Ecroyex Mimic formed the second '3 set drop' of Armorvors since the production figures were released. The first '3 set drop' being Spectre, Neo Nebula and Verexxan back in October 2012 - a year to the month.

Pearlescent peach/Grey/Black/Grey wolf head, blue eyes

Ecroyex Mimic Armorvor

The Ecroyex, alongside the Ivorinium and Sidervor formed the second '3 set drop' of Armorvors since the production figures were released. The first '3 set drop' being Spectre, Neo Nebula and Verexxan back in October 2012 - a year to the month.

Dark blue/Light blue/Red/Metallic silver wolf head, red eyes

Ivorinium Mimic Armorvor

The Ivorinium, alongside the Ecroyex Mimic and Sidervor formed the second '3 set drop' of Armorvors since the production figures were released. The first '3 set drop' being Spectre, Neo Nebula and Verexxan back in October 2012 - a year to the month. Many collectors likened this color scheme (minus the light blue) to the good old Stormtrooper. Whatever floats your boat - there's no denying it's an awesome Armorvor!

Pearlescent white/Black/Light blue/Light blue wolf head, white eyes

The Ecroyex Initiative

Wave 32

Gendrone Rebellion Mimic Armorvor

The Gendrone Rebellion Mimic could be classed as a modernized Venjorun. It isn't, but it could be. For only the second time, the wolf head was finished with the extra glossy black, like that of the Aurustell Elite.

Pearlescent red/Metallic silver/Black/Black wolf head, white eyes

Gendrone Voyager

Wave 33

OMFG! Mimic Armorvor

Released alongside the Ultra Corps Mimic, the OMFG! Mimic featured the coveted Onell Design blue, as used in the popular OMFG! mini figure series. It still is the only solid, single color Armorvor to be released, not counting prototypes or Stealth/Infection translucent Armorvors.

Onell Design blue (solid)

Stealth Armorvor Mk. IV

The Gamma Conflict

Wave 34

Gendrone Ultra Corps Mimic Armorvor

The year 2014 was welcomed in with a double Armorvor set - Ultra Corps Mimic and OMFG Mimic. The pearlescent silver shimmers when the light catches it, making the Armorvor look like it's about to teleport.

Pearlescent silver/Black/Pearlescent silver wolf head, green eyes

Glyaxia II

Wave 36

Glyaxia Command Mimic Armorvor

Following a short pause in new Armorvor releases, the Glyaxia Armorvor turned up in the May Glyaxia drop. The blue and yellow figure really stands out in the crowd of Armorvors, and despite yellow being a notoriously difficult color to apply over darker plastics, the quality of the figure still remained high. Due to rising production costs etc, this was the first production Armorvor to cost $9 at release, rather than the standard $8 charged for all previous Armorvors. Still, that's one hell of a low price for such an awesome figure when compared to what else was on the market at the time.

Blue/Yellow/Black/Yellow wolf head, red eyes

Rig Crew II

Wave 39

Rig Crew Mimic Armorvor

The Rig Crew Mimic Armorvor was released alongside the Neo Phase and Stealth re-issue (MK V). It was the last time the Armorvor would be released with the original wolf head sculpt, as all subsequent drops, including October, would feature a brand new head design.

Toffee brown, black, neon green, with dark yellow wolf head.

Neo Phase Armorvor

The Neo Phase Armorvor was released alongside the Rig Crew Mimic and Stealth re-issue (Mk. V). It was the last time the Armorvor would be released with the original wolf head sculpt, as all subsequent drops, including October, would feature a brand new head design.

Translucent neon green, black, with translucent green wolf head and white eyes.

Stealth Armorvor Mk. V

No Paint and bonus head. $8

Rift Pioneers

Wave 54

Neo Nonillia Armorvor

Includes Neo Granthan head and mini backpack. $10

Keytrius Armorvor

Includes Neo Granthan head and mini backpack. $10

Return to Esedeth

Wave 55

Zarmydian Scavenger Armorvor

Includes Neo Granthan head and mini backpack. $10

Chariot's Keep

Wave 56

Cosmic Wave Armorvor

Includes Neo Granthan head and mini backpack. $10

Quest of the Quallerran

Wave 58

Spectre Armorvor Mk. II

Includes Neo Granthan head and mini packpack. 18 total parts. $11 each.


Wave 59

Bopper Armorvor

Includes Neo Granthan head and mini backpack plus special Callgrim Warp Pack in heavy blaster configuration. 29 total parts. $15 each.

The Neo Frontier

Wave 85

Armorvor Core Stalker Mimic Venjorun

Includes Armored Wolf head and mini backpack. 18 total parts. $15

Fates Warning

Wave 86

Armorvor Kirallius Guard Venjorun

Includes Armored Wolf head and mini backpack. 18 total parts. $15


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