Armorvor Head Pack
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Vital statistics
Name Armorvor Head Pack
Species Armorvor
Origin Unknown

As of September 2019, the trio of Kugarrec/Neo Wyverillian/Arthrodak replaces the Neo Granthan head offered as a secondary head with Armorvor figures. Each new Armorvor figure includes 2 heads, but sometimes a supplemental pack of additional heads in a matching wave color will be made available.

Savage Cybernetics

Wave 83

Armorvor Head Pack Dark Nebula

Includes Neo Wyverillian head, Kugarrec head and Battle Tribes wings. 4 Total Parts including bonus switch pin. $6 each.

The Wrath of Halkennite

Wave 84

Armorvor Head Pack Parasitic Clone

PVC and paint colors match Armorvor Arthrodak Parasitic Clone. Includes Battle Tribes wings, Neo Wyverillian head and Kugarrec head. 4 Total Parts including bonus switch pin. $6

Armorvor Head Pack Dreadvalken

PVC and paint colors match Armorvor Neo Wyverillian Dreadvalken. Includes Arthrodak head and Kugarrec head. 2 Total Parts. $5


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