Artemisium Desert Dogs
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Only the dead have seen the end of war
Vital statistics
Name Artemisium Desert Dogs
Species Unknown
Origin Banimon


Ever since locating the pirate lair on Artemisium, additional troops have been collected and trained for fighting in desert and rock conditions that dominate much of the planet. Fortunately the climate on Havvacor is remarkably similar, so it is not surprise that the training took place there. Khar-Hurrians, Banigoth and a small contingent of Havvacorian volunteers, crack soldiers all, preparing meticulously to face a common enemy.

To some of the veterans of the Banigoth Invasion on Havvacor from both sides the irony was not lost. For months these soldiers were locked with each other in brutal, bitter combat. They may have learned to grudgingly respect and even admire each other’s martial prowess, but will they stand together and have each other’s back when everything is on the line?

Admiral Babur’s solution is simple, and perfect. He orders that the future Desert Dogs train in teams of two, with one Banigoth and one Havvacor warrior on each team. This exposes them to each other’s style of combat, but also cultures and worldview. Absolute loyalty to their unit commander and teammates is stressed over any loyalties to the home planet, another ploy of Babur’s to make sure his Desert Dogs will be a terrifying yet perfectly predictable weapon for his upcoming attack on Artemisium. They will be the core, the beginning of a different kind of army.

The resulting warrior is a new breed indeed. Lacking the sheer strength and stamina of the biologically engineered Apocalypse Banigoth, Desert Dogs instead build their insurance through countless hours of training, and they’ve all had extensive combat experience as well. But the biggest change might be in their mindset: once seeing the world behind the curtain of propaganda of Banigoth High Command or Havvacor Directory, they will forever remain skeptical of anything and anyone outside of their unit. All that matters now is their commander’s word.[1]


Artemisium Desert Dogs

Desert Dogs set includes two articulated figures. Paint apps on face, arms and body of each figure, plus tampo print on each helmet. This contained build comes with all the parts found in a standard Banigoth/Red Army Men figure and a Hub Set for a total of 32 PVC plastic pieces. All parts are completely interchangeable with all Glyos System Series figures. Released July 10th, 2016. $12.00 each.[2]


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