Axis Armored Commando
Contained Build available!
Vital statistics
Name Axis Armored Commando
Species Glyan
Origin Unknown


Introduced as a way to expand design possibilities to existing Glyos accessories, Contained Builds use existing parts and present them in a brand new way.

A variation adds the Satraku Weapons Set (included with Glyninjas & some Glyan Commandos by default) which moves the extra pieces to the bottom legs of the backpack. Volkriun Master Command and Skaterriun Skull Commandos use this variation.


Axis Armored Commando

A variation of the Axis Armored Glyan, Axis Armored Glyan Crayhunter, and Hyper Hunter Glyan.

"The Axis Armored Spectre Commandos shown above feature the "Skate Wars"[1] inspired side of the new Glyan head, which can switch into Glyninja mode with just a swivel and the included scarf.

These guys must need that extra firepower to deal with something much stronger than your average pesky Protoclone..."[2]



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