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BBQ Butcher
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Vital statistics
Name BBQ Butcher
Species Human
Origin Earth


The base figure is an homage to Leatherface[1] from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre[2] franchise. The alternate heads combined with other Wave 1 Mighty Maniax figures can create Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees.


The BBQ Butcher

Terrance Bull was once one of the world’s top chefs and specialized in everyone’s favorite food, Breakfast. As a devout vegan, his family looked down upon his lifestyle choices, being that they owned one of the country’s largest BBQ chains. The events that lead to Terrance dawning the name “The BBQ Butcher” are horrific in nature and can only be told to the strongest of stomachs.


Kickstarter Wave 1

Mighty Maniax - Wave 1 Kickstarter BBQ Butcher. White with paint applications. Includes 2 alternate heads and 1 Slasher weapon. 3" tall figure. 13 total parts. Glyos compatible. First offered through Kickstarter Wave 1 on October 27th, 2020. Shipped August 2021. $23 each or available through a Slasher 4-pack for $80. Released through the retail store on August 27th, 2021. $25 each.