Banigoth Border Patrol
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War does not determine who is right - only who is left
Vital statistics
Name Banigoth Border Patrol
Species Unknown
Origin Banimon


With preparations along both banks of the Big River all but completed, the Revolutionaries and their Banigoth nemesis are ready for battle. Stakes are high for both sides.

Should the Banigoth defenses collapse, they would have to regroup around their traditional territories, known as the “Old Goth”, and the Arigato Plains in the south, neither of which has the geography suited to digging in for a defensive struggle the way East Bank does. And the prospect of re-capturing the lost territories would be much less likely against a well-armed and fanatical enemy then they were the first time around, when The Horde expanded by simply sweeping away civilians and bandits left over from the Last War.

For the Revolutionaries, this fight brings even greater risks. Having just established their supply lines along the West Bank, they finally have a territory upon which to build their revolutionary utopia. However, they fight with borrowed strength: much of their heavy weaponry and mechanized vehicles are on loan from Havvacor, with the clear directive to wipe out their common enemy, the Banigoth. Lacking a true power base on the mainland, and entirely dependent on the goodwill of their patrons, they must move forward, because neither retreat or standing still is a viable option.

The wheels (or threads) are already in motion. The Summer Offensive is about to begin…[1]


Banigoth Border Patrol

Banigoth Border Patrol has two Banigoth warriors, one Scout Robot and one vinyl bunker. Bronze and grey with paint apps and tampo print on figures. Yellow lightning tampo print on bunker matches the tank. Each pack contains total 30 PVC plastic pieces and one vinyl piece. Released July 15th, 2015. $16.00 each.[2]


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