Banigoth Mercs "Desert Dogs"
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The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting
Vital statistics
Name Banigoth Mercs "Desert Dogs"
Species Unknown
Origin Banimon


As the rising power of Havvacor casts it’s shadow on the neighboring planets, the Banigoth advanced outposts near Havvacor in turn decide to dig in. Their crews all over the colonies are frantically digging trenches, building bunkers, putting up defence works and otherwise preparing for what seems like an inevitable attack. The Banigoth Warrior is still the best pound-per-pound soldier in the known universe, so the Banigoth High Command hopes that if it can draw the attackers into a ground attack, their chances are pretty good. Meanwhile, the rumors are rampant that on Planet Banimon, the Lost Army of the Revolution is again on the march.[1]


Banigoth Mercs Desert Dogs

Regular Banigoth build, 1″ tall PVC figure, has 16 separate parts. Includes a bonus Red Army Man head. Glyaxia yellow and Pearlescent Metallic black, unit identifier tampo-printed on the helmet, paint apps on face, arms and backpack, fully Glyos system compatible. Released August 24th, 2014. $7.00 each.[2]


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