Banigoth Tank Crew
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The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting
Vital statistics
Name Banigoth Tank Crew
Species Unknown
Origin Banimon


Since taking over the West Bank, the Revolutionary Army (Red Army Men) have been busy making themselves at home. Establishing their HQ at the strategically vital Baniport (their only way to receive supplies and aid from Havvacor) they set about fanning out and methodically purging the population of non-revolutionary element, erecting monuments glorifying their revolutionary struggle left and right, and renaming places as needed to suit their new policies.

One such place, the famous Party Pass, had been a popular destination for the rich before the Last War. Lately however, the remaining rich were safely hidden in the Underwater City, and the famous beaches had ben closed for many years. The new management renamed the location to Worker’s Party Pass and opened the beaches again, but only for the members of the political elite.

The population that had been toiling away under Banigoth rule was surprised to find out their lives under their new masters didn’t get markedly better. The smarter ones got the hint and started joining the Worker’s Party en masse, which saved them some harassment, but in the long run didn’t get them significantly closer to the renovated beaches at Worker’s Party Pass. In the New World Order as in the old, getting in early is still key.[1]


Banigoth Tank Crew

Banigoth Tank Crew comes in classic Banigoth configuration: bronze and grey with tampo print on the chest, comes with standard accessories (backpack, guns, extra painted Red Army Men head) for 15 PVC plastic pieces. Released July 15th, 2015. $7.00 each.[2]


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