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|imagewidth = 250
|imagewidth = 250
|caption = Blank Body Figure
|caption = Blank Body Figure
|race = [[Elapid]]
|race = [[Human]]
|homeplanet = [[Earth]]}}
|homeplanet = [[Earth]]}}

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Battle Builder Volkriun Green
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Blank Body Figure
Vital statistics
Name Battle Builder Volkriun Green
Species Human
Origin Earth


Wave 6Edit

"Each figure comes packed with a total of 20 parts and accessories to build and customize your ultimate warrior."

Warlords of Wor - Wave 6 Battle Builder Volkriun Green Production PVC. Task Force Volkriun Green with NO paint applications. 3" tall, 10 points of articulation, 20 interchangeable parts in durable, factory-produced PVC. Each Warlords of Wor figure comes with 1 Complete Body, 3 Bonus Heads, Cybernetic Fist, Cybernetic Claw, 2 Cybernetic Gauntlets, Rifle, Knife, Baton, Armor Overlay, and 2 Bonus Switch Pins. Glyos compatible. Released on April 3rd, 2019. $10 each.

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