Battle Tribes Wrestling
Ooooooh yeah!
Product Line
Product Line Battle Tribes Wrestling
Company Spy Monkey Creations
Species Human
Origin Earth
Main Character(s) Big Fry, Jimmy Cheeseburger
Faction(s) None
Also see Battle Tribes, Warlords of Wor, Weaponeers of Monkaa


Battle Tribes Wrestling is a sub-line to the main Battle Tribes line. Each regular figure swaps out Adventurer boots & fur shorts for a pair of wrestling boots & trunks to settle things in the squared circle.

Spy Monkey Releases

Wave 1

Wave 2

BT Wave 14

Battle Tribes Wave 14 Crossover

BT Wave 15

Battle Tribes Wave 15 Crossover

BT Wave 16

Battle Tribes Wave 16 Crossover

BT Wave 17

Battle Tribes Wave 17 Crossover

BT Wave 18

Battle Tribes Wave 18 Crossover

BT Wave 19

Battle Tribes Wave 19 Crossover

BT Wave 20

Battle Tribes Wave 20 Crossover

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