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Phaseon predecessor
Vital statistics
Name Beanbot
Species Gendrone
Origin Earth

Beanbots were redesigned to become Phaseons.

Character History

The Beanbots


Honey Bean Combo Bot


Beanbot Concept Art

"Yo! Marcus here. The Beanbots are something that Matt and I have been working on for the better half of two years now, and they are finally available at All the parts of both the Beanbots and Spoon Racers are 100% fully interchangeable with all of the Glyos System Series. Add some wheels and a few new twists to your customs. Some very interesting parts are hidden in the sculpts by that lunatic... is that an all new phase arm I see with that Beanbot? Check em out!"[1]

"The Beanbot will be returning to its roots here at Onell and will be renamed in the process. Next assortment will see the debut of the Phaseon Gendrones! It's good to have the little guy back where he belongs."[2]

Beantown Toys

"The Beantown Beanbots are now available online! Check out the 12 new Beans, each with their own Beanbot, or pick up a 3 pack and save a few bucks! Each Beanbot consists of a 12 piece, fully interchangeable construction system and includes 2 additional bonus building parts in every package. Combine them with the Beantown Spoon Racers and other Beantown Beanbots to customize your very own exciting creations!"[3]

Gamma Goes Glyos

"The Beans from Beantown Toys have been a major project for the last year. Working with my partner in crime on Bean character design and illustration at Beantown Toys, Marc Beaudette, we have created well over 90 characters. The process that we go through to bring a Bean to life consists of a conceptual drawing (me) that is rendered with Illustrator into a finished piece (Marc). Sometimes we wonder what these little guys would look like if they ended up in the Glyos System. Well, here is what the Space Bean Gamma may look like if he crossed over.

Special thanks to Jesse for helping design Gamma."[4]

Beanbots Series 1

Beantown Toys Release

Bionic Bean

Released May 14th, 2009.


Released May 14th, 2009.


Released May 14th, 2009.


Released May 14th, 2009.


Released May 14th, 2009.


Released May 14th, 2009.

Iron Oink

Released May 14th, 2009.

Patty Tron

Released May 14th, 2009.

Soy Fu

Released May 14th, 2009.


Released May 14th, 2009.

Steam Hound

Released May 14th, 2009.


Released May 14th, 2009.

The Curse of Ayosire

Wave 9

Beanbot Pheyden Blue

Onell Design/Beantown Toys Beanbot Special Edition Crossover Release


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