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Beast Army
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Faction Beast Army
Division of None
Species Various
Origin Unknown
Command Skeleden, Barbariden Ureydak
Rival(s) Order of the Glyknights


Like Glyosar and the Black Citadel Dreadvalken, a new AD&D theme has begun between the Order of the Glyknights and their growing list of enemies.[1]


"This wave is a massive love letter to Sega as much as it is to AD&D! Golden Axe and Altered Beast are where to start!"[2]

"(Barbariden Ureydak) is the base Pheyden for the Skeleden in this round. We wanted to really make the two forms have extremely different appearances when all double armored up and then in the basic "Barbariden" mode shown above. Lots of potential for variations when playing with the complete set!"[3]

"Two styles of the Noboto mold. Marcus and I slithered around some slightly creepy all new design work on one of them. A Dark Pond with some green inhabitants."[4]


Skeleden's Revenge

The Skeleden and his loyal Skullboto minions take on the Glyknights.

Warlord and the Barbariden

"This Villser Warlord is an ally to the Glyknights, serving as their resident Titan when in conflict with Skeleden Ureydak and his Beast Army...

And he also likes Hub Hammers."[6]


Beast Army Command

Beast Army Members


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