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Twisted Abomination of Science
Vital statistics
Name Beastor-9
Species Human (formerly)
Origin Earth


Suggested to originally have been a human (or human-like) at one point, Beastor-9 is the result of an experiment gone wrong. Doctor Beastor-8, in an attempt to give his physical form an equal match to his already strong mental state, paired his own mind with the superior body of a Guerrillax Chieftain. However ancient mysticism within the Guerrillax body prevented the doctor from taking full control of his new form.

Thanks to Dirge's powers to control the Nekroids, Beastor-9 is able to currently control his own body in exchange for service to a master Dirge currently serves. However, Beastor-9's communicator is currently broken as of issue #5 making him a silent adversary for any challenger.

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