Big Rig
I've got no time to talk, I'm on a mission!
Vital statistics
Name Big Rig
Species Glyan
Origin Various

Character History


Test Shot Rig parts[1]

"Robotech, GI Joe and Transformers were just a few of the massive influences that got so deep into our creative DNA. I was personally insane over the Zentraedi from Robotech (Macross) and all the additional armor designs that popped up throughout the three parts of the Robotech saga.

Some of the most iconic color schemes of those days came from Transformers, particularly the Decepticons. The Insecticons, Seekers, Predacons and basically every G1 bad guy colorway were glorious and hugely influential. The Autobots were also just as good, giving a super hero vibe to giant robots with their Marvelesque color choices."[2]

Big Rig

Wave 18

Big Rig White Skull Wing Division

White Skull Wing Division (white with red and black Details and multiple tampo printings-configured with 6 additional red vinyl parts which also feature white and black details and tampo printing) $50


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