Bio-Mass Monster Nuklerios
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Glowing Evil Monster
Vital statistics
Name Bio-Mass Monster Nuklerios
Species Bio-Mass Monster
Origin Unknown


Report: Nuklerios

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Nuklerios with experimental weapon

"Distress call has been sent out from the Nuklerios crew stating that the Bio-Mass Monster has gained access to an undocumented military weapon. Survivor has confirmed that the creature has "consumed" and "absorbed" this technology giving the monstrosity a strange spectral glow and allowing the creature to send forth highly focused, devastating beams of nuclear energy.

Proceed with caution.

Update: Nuklerios Vessel has been located. The entire crew has been slain. The Bio-Mass Monster was not found aboard. Emergency alert has been transmitted. Investigation ongoing."


Bio-Mass Monster Nuklerios

Production Bio-Mass Monster Nuklerios. Glow in the Dark with paint applications. Glyos compatible. 21 parts. First offered for pre-order November 4th, 2016. $18 each.

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