Bio-Mass Monster Oozarian
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Oozing Evil Monster
Vital statistics
Name Bio-Mass Monster Oozarian
Species Bio-Mass Monster
Origin The Realms


Report: Oozarian in The Realms

"It appears that this Bio-Mass Monster has itself come into contact with a foreign substance that is hostile to this planet's inhabitants. Observation has revealed a slow absorption of this foreign material has allowed the creature to re-purpose this "Oozarian" material and contaminate what appears to be a spawning pool. Spreading this new Bio-Mass/Oozarian strain it appears to be building a mindless barbaric army that shows no allegiance to any faction/tribe known to these "Realms." Even the pure strain Oozarian forces seem to take up arms against this new army."


Bio-Mass Monster Oozarian

Production Bio-Mass Monster Oozarian. Translucent Green with paint applications. Glyos compatible. 21 parts. First offered for pre-order November 4th, 2016. $16 each.

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