Bio-Mass Monster Standard Endrax
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Standard Evil Monster
Vital statistics
Name Bio-Mass Monster Standard Endrax
Species Bio-Mass Monster
Origin Endrax


Report: Endrax

"Contagion threat level greater than previously reported, extent unknown. See file 0017658-B for more data.

The Bio-Mass Monster on this planet shows a remarkable cunning unlike previous specimens observed. This one has a presence of mind we have yet to encounter in this species.

Many more of these writhing creatures have been discovered. These Bio-Mass Monsters have swarmed up from what appears to be some sort of underground cavern system. The creatures are falling into a collective routine but to what end we are uncertain. Contact with the surface of planet Endrax is unadvised at this time.

Current Status: Contained. The Bio-Mass Monsters currently have no way off this blasted rock."


Bio-Mass Monster Standard Endrax

Production Bio-Mass Monster Standard Endrax. Blue and purple with paint applications. Glyos compatible. 21 parts. First offered for pre-order November 4th, 2016. $18 each.

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