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Bio-paralyzer weapon.png
Metran's Last Resort
Vital statistics
Name Bio-Paralyzer
Species Unknown
Origin Metran


Metran's ultimate weapon used against the Villser on Nemica during the Old War. The weapon worked and froze the entire planet in eternal frost.


The Ghosts of Nemica

Old War Technology returns

During the "Old War", planet Nemica was attacked by the sinister Villser Virus. To save Nemica from becoming a Villser homeworld, Capital planet Metran used a deadly "Bio-Paralyzer" freezing all life in one moment. Now strange echoes call from Nemica's lonely past.

The Secret Beneath the Ice

"Search Corps Ankram, a small team of specialists sent to Planet Nemica to analyze the lasting effects of the Bio-Paralyzer that was used by Planet Metran to end the Old War. What one of the Searchers stumbles upon beneath the frozen wasteland reveals the ruins of a lost civilization that perhaps even the Elder Delphi were unaware of..."[1]