Bit Figs
Space Series
Vital statistics
Name Bit Figs
Species Aliens
Origin Glyos System


Space Series

The fifth set is Bit Figs Space Series. Unpainted first available online March 25th, 2018 through the Culture Pirates ship and painted/unpainted editions through SSM Vending in 2018.

Random set (1 of each character of the five characters in one of five random colors - blue, green, gray, orange, and dark gray with no paint applications) offered through the Culture Pirates store starting March 25th, 2018. $4 each set.[1] A Limited Edition complete set of all 25 figures was offered for $20 each.

Space Mystery Bag

Each mystery bag includes: Full set of all five Bit Figs Space Series characters in a brand new mystery color! 3 new colors in total - each bag contains one matching set, chosen at random while supplies last. All 3 colors have never been released online (sold at DCon 2018 only). Very limited stock. Packed in a black polybag w/ header card.[2]

Random set of one colorway. 5 total parts. First released at Designer Con (DCon) 2018 on November 16-18th, 2018 and online on December 16th, 2018. $4 each.

Mordireus Space Set

"Please note the limit of 2 on the Mordierus sets - they are from an early test run and are extremely rare. Thank you and have fun!"[3]

LIMIT 2 PER ORDER. Set includes 5 figures from Bit Figs Space Series 1. DETAILS: 5 unique figures (1 of each character) in bright, translucent neon pink. Limited edition - super rare website exclusive! All figures are unpainted, stand about 1" tall and are Glyos® compatible. Released on February 17th, 2019. $5 each.

Space Series 1 Display 5-Pack

"Each set features FIVE deluxe Bit Figs Space Series 1 collectibles in custom display case. INCLUDES: 5 RARE painted figures: Pheyden (light blue), Crayboth (orange), Glyan (gray), Qualloid (jade green), and Astroloc (off white). Custom display blister pack with color insert. Figures stand about 1" tall and are Glyos® compatible.

  • Please note: Paint applications will vary – this is vending-quality mass production and there will be less-than-perfect aliens in the displays."

Released on May 29, 2019. $7 each.

Space Mystery Bag 2

"Each mystery bag includes: Set of 5 Bit Figs Space Series characters in random mystery colors, including one rare translucent figure and one painted figure (from the vending display). Packed in a black polybag w/ header card. All figures stand about 1" tall and are Glyos® compatible."

Released on July 9, 2019. $4 each.


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