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Bloodclan Apostate
Devout Vampire Slayer
Vital statistics
Name Bloodclan Apostate
Species Human (Undead)
Origin The Realms


The Bloodclan War: Bloodclan Apostate[]

A good devout man bitten by the Bloodclan Elder, he fights his vampiric nature by branding himself with a cross, the pain bringing focus and clarity to fight the blood hunger. He has vowed to end the threat of the Bloodclan at any cost.


Wave 34[]

Battle Tribes - Wave 34 Bloodclan Apostate. Gray with paint applications. Each figure has 10 points of interchangeable articulation and includes brand new chest, boots, gloves, slip on belt with weapon loop, 2 swords with plug in sword holder, sai, 'chucks and bo staff! 3 heads. Also includes standard battle tribes chest, hands and boots. 2.75". Includes additional Bat head. Glyos compatible. Released on October 13th, 2023. $18 each.