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Bloodkin Orc
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Evil Demon Follower
Vital statistics
Name Bloodkin Orc
Species Orc
Origin The Realms


Bloodkin Orc's original Mechanical used the Orc head instead of the Wolf Hunter head.


"So the Bloodlust Demon must have his followers! They drink his blood and become the Bloodkin! Their shields carry the mark of the Demon!"


Wave 7

Battle Tribes - Wave 7 Bloodkin Orc DX. Deep Red and paint applications. Each figure has 10 points of interchangeable articulation and includes removable armor, 3 weapons, shield and 5 bonus heads, a total of 21 Glyos compatible parts, allowing consumers to build their own tribes and create their own adventures!" 2.75" First released June 2nd, 2017. $15 each.