Blue Falcons
Killing Machines
Vital statistics
Name Blue Falcons
Species Robot
Origin Earth


Reed Schweizer's former team now working for Marson.


Blue Falcon Material

"The Blue Falcons, the squadron of pilots formerly lead by Reed Schweizer, have been reprogrammed as killing machines by Marson. With a memory wipe and forced transplants of recovered device ninja weaponry, the Falcons are dispatched to earth in Blood Capsules to act as a shock trooper force."

Includes Light blue Hyper Knight Material Boy and additional Lilac Device Ninja parts. Add a Blood Capsule to this order for a special price! Note: to achieve the chest cannon look, heat the figure and use a butter knife to pop the chest panel off.

Production PVC Hyper Knight - Blue Falcon Material+. Light Blue with no paint applications. 3 3/4" tall. Glyos compatible. Includes gun and swappable arms. XX total parts. Released on March 17th, 2020. $18 each.


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