Brandon Michael Barker
ManOrMonster? Studios
Vital statistics
Name Brandon Michael Barker
Species Human
Origin Earth


"Brandon Michael Barker is an artist and writer from Chicago who now lives in West Lafayette, Indiana, a fact that he sincerely requests not be counted against his character. He's a really nice guy. Really. He is owner of ManOrMonster? Studios and the creator of WARLORDS OF WOR. He likes odd toys, bad movies, good comics and hair metal. He lives contentedly with his wife and his dogs in a house with a yard that desperately requires some professional help. Brought up in the early 80s on a healthy diet of action cartoons and superhero comics, he developed an early fascination with heroism and myth in the modern age; themes he continues to explore throughout his art, while maintaing in it a fair amount of nostalgic charm and whimsy." (ManOrMonster? Studios)

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