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Brutal ult.jpg
The Activator
Vital statistics
Name Brutal
Species Zetonian
Origin Zeton

Character History

Originally Cruel and Vulgar were planned to come out together. Over time the plans changed which led to the creation of Brutal as Cruel's first partner.


See: Batch 237


Ultimate Edition

"This all-new master of mayhem always has Cruel's back in battle with Maxx Zero!"

Pre-order version: The standard Robo Force kit with all of the parts normally included, along with an extra arm set in black to match Cruel's replication of the classic toy, as well as an option to combine with a Weaponeer Soldier Brutal Purple who has been fused with Brutal to give him mastery over combat! 100% detail lined and matches with other Ultimate Robo Force editions. Having both Brutal and Weaponeer Soldier Brutal Purple allows you to build Toyfinity's BRUTAL! First offered for pre-order August 26th, 2015. An unpainted version was also available.[2]

"The only villain with enough style and sarcasm to thwart the Robo Force!"

"BRUTAL THE ACTIVATOR - Ultimate Edition - Standard forty-one piece fully Glyos-compatible off-red Robo Force kit - with the incredible ULTIMATE paint applications! Over 100 paint applications! $35 each."

"Blank Red Robo Force kit - Standard forty-one piece fully Glyos-compatible off-red Robo Force kit. Limited quantities! $12 each."