Bubblegum Titan Skeleton
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Bone Warriors
Vital statistics
Name Bubblegum Titan Skeleton
Species Skeleton
Origin Unknown


The third new figure released from DoubleG Toys and offered as an exclusive for Designer Con 2019. Matches the Xylliac Pink (Hot Pink) of Onell Design's Wave 83.


Bubblegum Titan Skeleton

"Bubblegum color Titan Skeleton (not Bubblegum, Do Not Eat)"

Titan Skeleton - Bubblegum. Monster sized 5" fully articulated painted PVC action figure. 26 points of articulation. 1/18th and Glyos compatible. 17 total parts. DCON 2019 Exclusive. First released at Designer Con (DCON) 2019 on November 22-24th, 2019 and online on November 27th, 2019. $13 each.


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