Capture Suit Exellis
From a simpler Sincroid life
Vital statistics
Name Capture Suit Exellis
Species Sincroid
Origin Unknown


Capture Suit Exellis is a Secret Build combining parts from Standard Exellis and Reverse Exellis.


Capture Suit Exellis

"This version of Exellis is the result of another mash up of figures. I used the Standard Version Exellis chest and pelvis and the arms, legs and head of Reverse Exellis to get this look. I wanted to try to bring the flavor of Aves in his grey Capture Suit into the figure. When the whole main body and upper arms and upper legs are the same it gives a different effect that I kind of like."[1]

Reflex Suit Compact

"Used for cleaning up Crayboth infestations on Planet Alcray's mining sites, the Reflex Suit Compact can completely encase the operator for added protection. It has excellent climbing capabilities and can really take a beating. Parts can be swapped for quick repairs and unexpected situations."[2]


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