Andur and Toal
The Outlander Split
Vital statistics
Name Andur and Toal
Species Outlander
Origin 481 Universe

Character Profiles


Astrolog: Outlander

"We are traveling father and farther into the Universe, en route to a facility rumored to specialize in extinct and dying species. My new friends assure me these scientists can answer the questions that have plagued me about my own existence. There are not many things I remember about my past. But after years of searching I may have finally found it! The answers to my questions may be just beyond this nebula cloud." -- Outlander

Astrolog: Silas

"A lonely being with a mysterious past and a troubled future, he travels through time and space looking for answers." -- Silas

Astrolog: Theta

"The Ultra powered Outlander, Theta, zips through space! On his journey he encounters a power hungry Subject Named NV. How will the meeting of these titans play out? Power is exchanged, the Subject was vaporized after being caught off guard by a helmet slam and Theta regained his power. But was the power the only thing that Theta gained when absorbing the particle cloud?"[1]

Astrolog: Powered Down Theta

"When Theta is out of energy he needs time to recover. This doesn’t happen often but when it does it’s usually in the company of his most trusted comrades. This is the physical form that remains when the energy beast must rest…"[2]

Astrolog: Theta Infected

"The figure with the pink chest and helmet is an infected Theta who has become far weaker from when we last saw him. He faced off with The Subject but the battle didn’t last long. With a powerful blast Theta dematerialized the traveller and immediately reabsorbed his stolen energy before flying off through space and time.

Little did Theta know that what he absorbed was not only the Subjects energy but his corrupting consciences as well."[3]

Astrolog: Moon

Astrolog: Andur and Toal

The teleportation energies brush over Outlander’s body with a flash and standing in his place are two new beings. The green helmeted Andur glances over at his inverted double. Toal, the purple helmeted figure, stares blankly for a second until both Andur and Toal Jump back in sudden realization. In perfect unison they say: “Who’re you? You’re ME?! What happened? AAAAAAAAAH?!”

The great Ivory Elder speaks up and says, “Calm down you two, you don’t want to attract more SEG! I’m not sure what occurred here, but … you seem highly unstable. I mean look at you, you’re literally glowing! I may be able to fix you … both of you … Follow me.” The Ivory Elder teleports away and the two new Outlanders soon follow.[4]

Astrolog: The Moon Pool

The three Outlanders arrive at the moon pool. The Ivory elder says: “We must hurry! Who knows what may happen if you two remain this unstable. We must be quick though, the SEG may return. Get into these pools, the moon liquid may be strong enough to stabilize you.” Without questioning both Andur and Toal hop into their respective pools.

Simultaneously the healing liquid soothes their glowing pulsing bodies. Soothing quickly turns to agony, and they scream out in dimensional pain as their ties are severed and their bodies are transformed. “AAAAAAAAAAH!!!!”[5]

Astrolog: Stable

“AAAAAAAAAH!!!” they scream as their bodies are enveloped by the now burning hot moon pools. Their dimensional ties are severed, their bodies are being transformed into darker more stable forms. With a sizzle the pain is over.

Toal inspected his hands carefully.”I … I feel stable!” he said flexing his fingers. Andur looked at his own hands and then down at his body. “So do I!” he agreed.

“But … just one problem,” Toal said ruefully. “There are still two of us!”

Ivory Elder stared in disbelief at the two beings on either side of him.

An ear shattering screeching echoes through the moonscape.

The SEG must have heard Andur and Toal crying out in pain while they were in the moon pools. The Alpha SEG calls out for back up and in no time a full-on SEG herd is on its way to the pools. The three Outlanders have no choice but to teleport away. However, will their new bodies be able to teleport? The last time they tried it didn’t go so well…[6]

Astrolog: The Split

The three Outlanders successfully teleport away at the last second. The Seg Attack is averted–for now. Andur, the now mostly blue Outlander, shakes his head. “This moon is too dangerous! We should leave.”

Toal, now mostly pink, frowns. “Wait, why leave? In fact, why did we run anyway? We could have taken them all on!”

Andur is surprised to hear his once other half be so brash. Toal continues, “If you two won’t deal with them I’ll do it myself, there's no point in just running away, especially from something so pathetic!”

“But, thats not why we came here in the first place,” Andur said in surprise. “Don’t you remember we want to find out who we are… where we came from? Don’t you want to continue this quest–don’t you want to find out who we are?”

Toal turned away almost angrily. “I know who I am,” he said coldly. “Goodbye Andur,” Toal said, beginning to walk away.

Andur watched his once other half walk away with a pang of sadness. Andur couldn’t help but feel slightly abandoned by his stronger half. Who knows where Toal will end up, what he’d go on to do. They may never see themselves again. Reluctantly Andur motioned a final farewell to the pinkish Outlander. “Goodbye Toal.”

The Ivory Elder put a comforting hand on Andur’s shoulder. “Come with me, young traveler. I may be able to find you a ship, so you can continue your quest.”[7]

Astrolog: Stabilization

Astrolog: Tox-lander

The remnants of the strange teleportation energies mix with the healing properties of the moon water. With a flash the newly corrupted moon liquid solidifies– taking the shape of an Outlander. He floats for a moment in the corrupted pool before climbing out. As he does so another Outlander forms in the other pool.

Once they step from the pool even more gelatinous Outlanders solidify and step out. This multiplication continues until the pools are no longer full of liquid, and an army of mysterious beings roam the moon.[8]

Astrolog: Repairs

"The following lunar revolutions showed Andur aided by an elder, together they made heavy repairs to the Celluship. One night the living toxins attacked without warning. These horrid green shades brought with them a violent wave of metamorphoses. With a single poisonous touch the Toxlanders mutated the Lunar Elders from arcane knowledge keepers to corrupted schemers…"[9]

Astrolog: Toxic Attack

"Andur’s mind raced as the green shades slashed at his back. The Toxlander’s touch amplified and warped every aspect of him, mentally, physically and spiritually. The transformation was quick, before he could blink his dark muted tone shifted to a brighter more intense one.

A mental heaviness came over Andur, the weight of the universe was crashing in on him. Andur frantically turned to the Elder searching for guidance but there was none to be found, only malice and rage. The now corrupted elder snarled, shook wildly and leapt to attack…"[10]

Astrolog: Failure

"Andur had no other option but climb into the partially fixed Celluship. The viewing screen closed behind him, locking Andur inside the sphere. Horrible thoughts flooded into his mind. Heavy thoughts. Self blaming thoughts. The Toxlanders and Corrupted Elders surround the ship, mindlessly trying to get in."[11]

Astrolog: Reflection

"Looking into the eyes of the corrupted elder brought only more heaviness to Andur, the weight wracked his brain. “The right thing would have been to wipe them out, before it got to this point” he thought. The heaviness continued to grow, “this was all on me…”

When Toal went his separate way he immediately started attacking these mindless Toxlanders. Unfortunately he didn’t make it out without a few wounds. Unlike Andur however, Toal’s transformation went almost unnoticed. Once the Toxlanders in Toal’s immediate area were dealt with he didn’t think twice, in fact he never looked back. He willed up all the power he could muster and made flight without the use of a ship. It seemed the heaviness Andur was experiencing didn’t affect Toal, almost as if it made him more powerful. And just like that, with a pink flash he was gone."[12]

Astrolog: Escape

"Tucked safely inside the partially repaired Celluship Andur activated the flight commands. With a sudden jolt the ship shot up and levitated above the gathering Toxlanders and Corrupted Elders. Andur pressed his face to the view screen feeling like this whole thing was his fault. Instead of facing it directly just as Toal had, Andur was running away. With a flash the Celluship zoomed off into the starry night sky."[13]

Astrolog: Split

Astrolog: Zorennor Rift

"The Zorennor Information Division, ZID for short, and Zorennor Observer Division, ZOD for short, have been dispatched on an investigation mission outside the great rift. These information gatherers are hot on the trail of something potentially very dangerous. What will they discover on their mission?"[14]


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