Types of Gendrones
Glyos Machines
Vital statistics
Name Types of Gendrones
Species Gendrone
Origin Unknown


A robot with a programmed AI which functions as a generic labor/trooper in the Glyos System. Most Gendrones function with a limited amount of intelligence to keep them controllable. Renegade Gobons were offered freedom from these limitations during the Old War which made them efficient killing machines. Eventually a rebellious nature developed during the gruesome conflict allowing them to break free of the special order to be destroyed.

Buildman Argen, having been freed by Pheyden during The Cliffs of Granthan, desired to build a new Gendrone Empire for his fellow Gendrone which led to starting the Gendrone Revolution. Enyriun's evolution from a Phaseon during the Gendrone fight against Glyaxia Command would lead to philosophical differences with Argen that caused the Gendrone War.

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