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Made of the Strangest Stuff on Earth
Vital statistics
Name Manglors
Species Manglors
Origin Uzalek


A former 1980s Ideal Toys product line now owned by Toyfinity.

"Manglors: the earth-word to describe the amazing creatures who arose long ago on a harsh volcanic planet circling distant Betelgeuse, the red giant star. Three of these bizarre creatures have survived: Manglord, Manglosaurus, and Manglodactyl.

Manglors developed super-elastic bodies, able to stretch their limbs to fantastic proportions, to reach safety in an instant. With their hyper-adhesive properties, Manglors could stick to the trunks of the mammoth trees of their homeworld. There they hid motionless, ambushing the huge creatures who stalked them. After the fierce combat that followed, Manglors torn to pieces by the monsters used amazing powers to re-attach severed limbs.

Manglors mastered the power to reshape their bodies at will - into rocks or logs - to disguise themselves as they slept. Awakening, "memory" allowed them to unravel once again into their normal forms.

Manglor Mountain is a volcanic fortress developed by generations of Manglor wizards and magicians. It allows them to regenerate their bodies outside the hot, fiery environment of their home planet, making it possible for them to leave in search of a new world to conquer - YOURS!"

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