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Vital statistics
Name Toyfinity Universe
Species Zetonian, Zeroids, Manglors, Mordles
Origin Zeton, Zero, Uzalek


Toyfinity's Robo Force has expanded over the years to include the additional lines Mordles, Zeroids/STAR Team, and Manglors. Each works in conjunction with the others creating a larger story which occasionally crosses with the main Glyos System storyline, typically through a Rift event. This includes Glyaxia Command kidnapping ZEM, the Buildstations having plans for the Gendrone Force Defenders and Gendrone Zereons, the Knight of Darkness robbing a Ecroyex Block Base, and even alternate versions of Maxx Zero being spotted in Gendrone Rebellion and Ecroyex Initiative colors. Meanwhile Maxx Zero and the Zeroids have visited Uzalek separately, the Manglors were revealed to be extracted from the Mordles, and the Knight of Darkness & his Shadow Warriors were actually the loyal soldiers of Nazgar the Tyrant. Everything is connected.

Formerly known as Robo Force Series before the sale of the Robo Force property to The Nacelle Company in 2021. The remaining former Ideal toy lines are still with Toyfinity as a continuing tied together universe of properties.

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