Chaos King
Chaos King.jpg
Evil Overlord
Vital statistics
Name Chaos King
Species Unknown
Origin Unknown


Originally the Knights of the Slice were portrayed by hired union actors for live events. As the need for the Knights to run security alongside deliveries increased, the huge insurance liability for putting outside contractors at risk was too much to bare. So Pizza Shunt CEO Fred had the idea to use corporate staff, with the proper training, as security. With employee contracts already covering any fatal eventualities, Fred could fill the suits with his own people.

Unfortunately, 99% of his staff was morbidly obese due to constantly eating Pizza Shunt’s offerings, so filling the role came down to who could actually fit into the suit’s measurements.

Ironically, it was something as insignificant as dietary restrictions that led to the selection of Lime & Brick. Lime had severe allergies to diary, gluten, and.. well… everything. Brick, a committed pacifist, was strictly vegan and plant-based.

Origin Story: The True Evil Overlord

"The true evil overlord behind the Death Knight's resurrection and the blight that the order of the KOTS suffer.

An ancient Arthurian shape-shifter, Chaos King secretly envies the simplicity of human-kind and longs to live like them. But the futility of this wish gives way to anger, and this anger will only be abetted by the absolute destruction of the human race. CK feels like once the humans are gone, the earth will be quiet again and perhaps he can focus on conjuring more of his species back to life."


Chaos King

Production Chaos King - Transparent rose with yellow accessories. 3 3/4" tall with 10 points of articulation. 18 total parts. Limited Edition. Released May 4th, 2017. $12.00 each.

Chaos // Death

"The arch-nemesis of the Knights of the Slice, Death Knight merged with the ancient Chaos Being to become Chaos // Death. An all-new painting process recreates the evil one's appearance in issue #5 of the KOTS Vol. 1 graphic novel (also available now).  

Includes a transparent pink sparkle slicer"

Production PVC KOTS Pizza Knight - Chaos // Death. Translucent Pink Sparkle with paint applications. 3 3/4" tall with 10 points of articulation. X total parts. Released on October 31st, 2020. $20 each.

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