Chariot's Keep
Released June 6, 2016
Story Matt Doughty
Art Ralph Niese


Chariot's Keep


Arrival at Atarikoth Comet

Flashing through "Outer Space" on a mysterious trajectory. The legendary Atarikoth Comet unknowingly receives a group of unwanted visitors, determined to unlock the "Chariot's Keep."

Matching speed with the massive comet, the Edgeliner Marezioc drops off a trained squad. "Let's get down there! This is our chance." commands Evenollus. Leading a pack of well armed Marezioc Guard Protoclones, the team touched down on the comet's rocky surface with ease. Using weapons originally built for other worldly beings, the Guard began blasting into the dense rock surface. "Move swiftly." Evenollus barked at them. He would not let his commander down with this secret mission.


Inside the ancient vessel

"Evenollus, we've breached the surface." called back one of the Guards. "Commander Viyer was right..." responded another, "...this is no simple comet..." Peering down into the hole revealed a different world than the surface might lead you to believe. Rock became ruins of a different nature. More like petrified vines hardened over time. Against the walls and floor lay the rock-like outer shell remains of something more sinister in nature from outer space. " is an ancient vessel!" continued the Guard as they slipped further down their newly created rabbit hole. Each squad member slowly entered the ruins and marched single file. Yet, one couldn't help but stare at the petrified remains as they went deeper into the bowels of the ancient ship.


Chariot madness

Deniken charging towards the Edgeliner Marezioc

Exile Deniken hid behind a chunk of asteroid observing from a safe distance. The clandestine event had not gone unnoticed. "After all this time..." he said to himself, "...I've finally returned 'home'..." The Marezioc squad departed from the comet, something large in tow. " put an end to this madness!" Deniken finished. Quickly the guard and their prized relic were safely aboard the Edgeliner Marezioc in the bay. As the order to prepare for warp was given, Deniken saw his chance. In a bolt of red energy, he streaked towards the Marezioc hoping to reach it in time. In a brilliant flash of light, the ship went into warp.



Diversus Orbitron

On board the Edgeliner Marezioc, the guard presented its findings to their Commander. "Commander Viyer," Evenollus started, "the artifact has been successfully recovered." The large blueish tomb almost floated on its own as six Protoclone Guards pulled it closer to their Commander. Viyer looked it over carefully, "I expected nothing less from my Protoclones." He stared intently at the iconography imprinted on the surface. "Now we possess the last piece of the puzzle..." The dents on the surface almost looked like stars, one resembled an ancient Edgeliner, and the last... something almost Metaluna[1] in nature... an Orbitron!

"The Diversus Dimension Gate!" Viyer cried out dramatically.[2]


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