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Asylum Seekers
Vital statistics
Name Cherubium
Species Various
Origin Trilobyte Kingdom


A new accessory set and cast of characters made possible by the Action Figure of the Month Club Patreons. Compatible with ball joints on figures like Star Marshall and Virkil releases. An additional human (Virkil) head is included in the factory mold as revealed by the Clear set included with Golden Star Marshall.


Slaves of the Trilobyte Kingdom

Breaking through the vector are the race known as the Cherubium! Human bodies with animal heads, the Cherubium are enslaved in the Trilobyte Kingdom and seek asylum in our world.


Prototype Grey Cherubium

"Shot in "prototype grey" this set is limited edition. (second picture depicts early sculpt). Kit includes x1 Bunny x1 Raven x1 Lizard, a new cowboy hat, knife, and poncho."

Production PVC KOTS Cherubium Kit - Prototype Grey. Light Grey with no paint applications. 6 total parts. Released on July 13th, 2021. $15 each.

Clear Cherubium

See: Golden Star Marshall