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Buildman Cinar
Specific parts of Argen's core matrix
Vital statistics
Name Buildman Cinar
Species Axis Buildman Gendrone
Origin Unknown


The Creation of Cinar

"To better understand the advanced Axis integrated Buildman designs discovered within Argen's unlocked data files, a special Gendrone was assembled known as Buildman Cinar.

Patterned after the Buildman "Warrior" configuration that Argen utilized for his frontline soldiers, Cinar was also given access to the many different forms that Argen had pioneered during his extended time spent in "Voyager" mode. Careful measures were used by Glyaxia Command to ensure that only specific parts of Argen's core matrix were copied and uploaded to Cinar. Though the project was still considered very dangerous, the possibility of controlling an army of hyper powered Argens was deemed worth the risk.

Cinar was assigned to the Esedeth Mobile Patrol due to the high frequency of conflict on the planet, making the landscape a perfect live training ground to gain actual combat experience.

Currently serving as an all purpose counterpart to the specialized VRD units and answering directly to Commander Awken, Cinar's development remains closely monitored."[1]

Esedeth Mobile Patrol

Wave 52

Buildman Warrior Cinar

Includes one Buildman with new head plus 1 Axis Joint Set and bonus scarf. $12

Task Force Volkriun: The Xenodeth Outbreak

Wave 71

Buildman Warrior TFV Cinar

Includes full Buildman figure with Argen head and 1 Axis Joint Set. 33 total parts. $12

Mraedis Agents

Wave 72

Buildman Cinar Ullmoriun

Includes full Buildman figure with Argen head and 1 Axis Joint Set. 33 total parts. $12