Classified Division
Glyaxia Command
Vital statistics
Name Classified Division
Species Various
Origin Various


Classified Division - a division of Glyaxia Command. A member of the United Glyan Forces.

Axis Armor Hades

"Hades gets some new armor... and a little dude to hang around with."[1]

Night Moves

Hades at night.

The Rocks

Hades on the rocks.

Mobile Conversion Tank Testing

"Hades, Klace and the Mobile Conversion Tank. I imagine that Klace has teamed up with Hades, having been selected to join the mysterious Classified Division, where only the darkest missions are assigned."[2][3][4]

"After crossing over some extremely rough terrain, the trio finally catch up to what they've been tracking for the past few weeks: The Heavy Caliber MCT. Thought to have been destroyed since vanishing on its last mission, the massive machine slowly begins to let its guard down upon recognizing the smaller prototype MCT."[5]


Classified Division Members


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