Glyos Wiki
Cloning Specimens
Released May 23, 2014
Story Matt Doughty (Glylanders, Kabuto Cloning)
NiStuff (Glyaxia Command Clones)
John Kent (Galaxia Command abducts ZEM)
Location(s) Glyaxia Block Base
Character(s) Glyaxia Outlander, Glyaxia Clone Kabuto Mushi, ZEM, Maxx Zero, Vanguard
Faction(s) Glyaxia Command, Robo Force

Character History


"This new assortment presents the 481 Universe's main character in some colors that are kind of familiar around here, but also includes a cool new accessory pack addition that matches very closely to the old Rothan Light Green PMS 375C (for those of you who have been around for a bit and remember the old days). I particularly like the new accessory mold in this vibrant hue, and everything looks excellent across the boards."[1]


Astrolog: Glyaxia Command Clones

"The Outland based Glyaxia units have set up homebases along the Edge of Space. They are keeping watch at the T’churian Rift, one of the few known rifts in the 481universe leading to the multitude of different dimensions. The Outlanders have proven to be a loyal bunch of units for Glyaxia, they’re not entirely joining by free will however. These pseudo Organic Outlanders have been rapid-grown in the belly of Glyaxia labs, fitted with full on Glyaxia directives and protocol then sent on their way to defend these multi dimensional entry points."[2]

Kabuto Cloning

"Marty and I discussed a story arc that involved Glyaxia Command snatching some Kabuto Mushi specimens, with the intention of cloning them aboard Block Base."[3]

Galaxia Command abducts ZEM

Vanguard takes on Glyaxia

"ZEM has been abducted!"

Glyaxia Command takes the enigmatic mechanoid through a rift into the mysterious Glyos System. Sensing trouble, Maxx Zero goes undercover, infiltrating Glyaxia Command's Block Base. Once inside, Maxx stumbles upon a nefarious plan - Glyaxia Command has stolen the designs for the Robo Force and intends to create a mechanical army!

To rescue ZEM, Maxx engages in combat with three Elite Glyaxia Clones of Sentinel. Unexpectedly, dynagenesis occurs, transforming the doppelgangers into a brand new ally - Vanguard the Warrior! Possessing three times the strength and power of a Protector Class Robot and wielding a super-charged forcefield blaster, Vanguard the Warrior turns the tables on Glyaxia Command![4]