Club Zeton
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Reclaim the concept of a Club
Product Line
Product Line Club Zeton
Company Toyfinity
Species Human
Origin Earth
Main Character(s) Imperious Maxx
Faction(s) Robo Force, Cult of Dred
Also see Mordles, Robo Force, Zeroids, STAR Team, Manglors

Club History

"I want to reclaim the concept of a club being a fun thing and not just a pre-order system/pain to deal with. It's why Club Zeton is structured as it is - there has to be some MYSTERY in the mix! If you love Robo Force or Glyos, you are going to have a fantastic time over the next year as the full scope of Club Zeton is revealed. We have many aspects of the club planned out to give you an enriched experience over the next year or so - and I'm sure there will be things I haven't even thought of yet that will add excitement along the way."[1]


Please note that the 2015 subscription service has been extended for Club members through 2018.

The one hundred plus member strong Club[2] will last for six Robo Force releases, taking it through the remainder of 2015 and into 2016. The $75 membership fee gets you the following items with no additional purchases:


2015 Sales Sheet

  • Ultimate Maxx Zero - Imperious Edition!
  • A club membership packet including a membership card and certificate.
  • Mystery Maxx Modules!
  • Lenticular stickers - two sets of them - to replicate the original "Maxx Steele" chest lights and "Maxx" logo for your modern Robo Force figures!
  • A Test Shot[3] of an upcoming figure from the Zetonian properties (Zeroids, S.T.A.R. Team, and Robo Force)! Did the factory mangle the most important part of the figure? Are the pins somehow off-center? You can feel just like an independent toy company owner. Whatever comes out of the steel tooling, you'll receive!
  • Unpainted Editions offered at a discounted price!
  • Ability to order any Ultimate Edition with or without the detail lines!
  • Guaranteed Access to all Robo Force products offered by, as well as any convention exclusives offered at shows by Toyfinity directly.
  • Voting on the order in which you want to see the classic characters produced as Ultimate Editions!
  • Onell Design exclusive: Dungeon Traveler Skeleden - Demonslither
  • Rawshark Studio exclusive: Mordireus Callgrim

2015 Club Items


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