Glyaxia Rangers Commander
Vital statistics
Name Colturren
Species Traveler
Origin Unknown


Glyaxia Rangers

"Specially commissioned by Glyaxia Command to neutralize the criminal Redborg Syndicate and its dangerous use of outlawed alien technology near the Edge of Space, the Glyaxia Rangers make their home far beyond the civilized worlds that they are sworn to protect, bravely enforcing Metran Law in places with no trace of it."[1]

Sector 7

"Trained within Sector 7 on the Point Cerrek Space Station located above Planet Esedeth, Glyaxia Rangers are each granted access to a highly classified dossier known as the Hades File upon graduation from the Ranger Program. It's rumored that this file contains an "Alternative History" of the Glyos System, revealing to its reader what truly lies behind the shadow of Glyaxia Command."[2]

Glyaxia Rangers

Wave 70

Commander Colturren

Includes full Glyarmor set with Neo Sarvos and Varteryx heads plus full Pheyden figure and bonus scarf. Pheyden head & chest include tampos. 26 total parts. $14


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