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Constrictor Colossus
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Ruthless Terrorist
Vital statistics
Name Constrictor Colossus
Species Human
Origin Earth


An homage to Big Boa from the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero[1] series.


Unorthodox Training[]

When Captain Cobrus demands the best of the best for the training of his Elapid Troopers he knows there's only one man for the job... Constrictor Colossus. An imposing brute known for his size, strength, unorthodox training, and extreme motivational techniques by way of fear and pain, Constrictor Colossus, standing over seven feet tall and weighing nearly 350lbs makes an imposing figure to say the least. So much so, that when he tells his trainees to jump, they don't just jump, but ask how high. Constrictor Colossus is known to brandish the heaviest, thickest, armored gauntlets into battle, so heavy that no ordinary man would be able to move in them, let alone fight effectively while wearing them. Yet he does so with ease. Blood Mercenary regards Constrictor Colossus as one of the strongest living men in the City of Wor and its lands beyond. A true colossus indeed.


Wave 16[]

Warlords of Wor DX Constrictor Colossus Production PVC. Tanned Flesh with paint applications. 3" tall, 10 points of articulation. Each Warlords of Wor figure comes with 1 Complete Body, 3 Bonus Heads, Cybernetic Fist, Cybernetic Claw, 2 Cybernetic Gauntlets, Rifle, Knife, Baton, Armor Overlay, and 2 Bonus Switch Pins. Glyos compatible. ROMA Collectibles exclusive. Released on January 28th, 2023. $22 each.