The Enforcer
Vital statistics
Name Coptor
Species Zetonian
Origin Andor


"A key member of Maxx Steele's Robo Force team, COPTOR™ is as nimble as an acrobat. He has a rotating propeller which sits atop his head that can quickly transport him to the center of the action. The propeller also serves as a digging mechanism when he's over his head in trouble. COPTOR™ also packs two laser guns and a communicator so that he's always ready to tough it out with even the most evil and powerful of robot adversaries."[1]

Coptor was the City Commander of Andor who was tricked into allowing Zemo and his Brotherhood of Hunters to gain access to the city.


See: The Terror of Cerulestar


Zetonian Edition

"ROBO FORCE® - COPTOR the ENFORCER™ CLASSIC CHARACTER DEBUT! This police-bot from the city of Z-ANDOR™ takes flight against evil! Standard ZETONIAN™ kit with premium paint apps!"

Production PVC Robo Force Zetonian Kit. COPTOR the CREATOR - Zetonian. Coptor Blue with with Gray/White/Black paint applications with tampos. 26 total parts. Released on October 4th, 2019. $25 each. A limited blank Coptor Blue figure was available for $13.50 each.


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