Crae: The Jagged Age
A Tale of Adventure and Revenge
Product Line
Product Line Crae: The Jagged Age
Company Toy Pizza
Species Human, Frog
Origin Nosvera
Main Character(s) Crae Drake, Hob, Gildhamere DeLuka
Faction(s) None
Also see Knights of the Slice, Knights of the Synth, Action Figure of the Month Club


From the indie graphic novel Crae the Jagged Age by Jesse DeStasio and Nicholas Fung.


In an age long before the present day Knights of the Slice, the seaside kingdom of Nosvera was a meeting place for nobles, mercenaries, and every kind of ne'er-do-well in between.

Crae Drake's life is turned upside down when his family home is burned down and his parents are killed. The only clue to the murderer is a giant reptilian footprint in the mud. Heading to the seaside kingdom of Nosvera, Crae starts unfurls a web of spies to help track down his parent's killer.

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Crae: The Jagged Age

An artifact found in the Vector, Crae tells the tale of young lord Craemond Drake and how he met his companion Hob the Frog. Written by Jesse DeStasio. Art by Natali Koromoto. Edited by Nayt Jones. 19 pages of full color comic-ness. $1.99 (Digital Comic) and $15 (Jumbo-sized Print Comic) each.

The Jagged Age - Heroes of Nosvera Sourcebook 1

"Take a deep dive into the old drawings, archival artwork, and terrible ms paint of Crae Drake and the world of Nosvera. 17 pages of vibrant artwork and behind-the-scenes secrets to the biggest KOTS release of 2019." $0.99 (Digital eBook) each.


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