The Crystal Gohlem
WOM CryGhlm ver02
Elemental Warriors
Vital statistics
Name The Crystal Gohlem
Species Weaponeer
Origin Monkaa


"Wills that defeat may also defend! Hands that build can also destroy!"

The Gohlem are elemental protoforms of Monkaa. Every citizen, soldier, warrior, forgemage, seer, every Weaponeer begins its life path as a Gohlem.

Once their journey begins and their will starts to form each individual has a choice. Will they follow the path of The Gearo or The Vilhain.

The Crystal Gohlem are carved from the ancient quartz mines of Monkaa. Crystal Gohlem usually find the path of the seer, although many have been drawn to learn from Palidar and bolster the ranks of the Gearo Forces.



"Each character figure features painted accents, detail lines, and a removable tampo printed faction symbol. Each figure is made up of 25-28 interchangeable parts including a sword and a sickle weapon and interchangeable head/hand/weapon accessories. Each figure comes with a trading card featuring fully painted artwork, bios and details on each character. Gohlems also include alternate translucent Empyreus and Umbreus heads. $12.00 each.

Also available is a Close Combat Armory Weapon Set in six different colorways. Each set includes 14 interchangeable parts including 2 pistol builds, sword blade, sickle blade, 2 re-designed Dominar handles, and 4 bonus mini blades. $5.00 each. Additionally a special Weaponeers of Monkaa Extra Head Pack is available which includes 6 character heads in colorways available nowhere else! Each pack includes 10 interchangeable parts. $5.00 each."[1] The first series was released October 1st, 2012 consisting of the four key characters and two Gohlems (Crystal/Magma) for army building.


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