Ecroyex Initiative Commander
Vital statistics
Name Cynorico
Species Traveler
Origin Unknown


The Ecroyex Initiative

"The Ecroyex Initiative centers around some questionable ideals..."[1] "specializing in Renegade Gendrone pacification."[2]

Enemy the Dictator


Darkness falls...

The Knight of Darkness used his abilities to step between the bonds of reality to cross the dimensional barriers in his search. His second stop was inside the fortress of the sinister ECROYEX INITIATIVE, home of powerful cyborg beings bent on universal destruction. A crack team of Darkness Shadow Troopers and the Knight himself slew the Ecroyex warriors, discovering a great prize among their war machines: a new type of mechanical warrior bristling with weaponry.

This new ENEMY for Maxx Zero concealed double cannons in his chest, complimented with powerful arm blasters and a devastating retro-blaster concealed in the rear of his head. Given more substantial programming than their predecessor Guardian robots, Enemy and his partner-in-evil ROBO FORCE’S SENTINEL THE PROTECTOR were given a special "Ultra Silver" laser-reflective armor coating and directives to bring back Maxx at any cost.[3]

The Ecroyex Initiative

Wave 32

Ecroyex Commander Cynorico

Bright Blue/Dark Blue with painted eyes, Dark Blue accents and bonus Phanost head. $8


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